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Austill’s is a High Quality and award-winning company offering over 30 years of experience providing educational-based therapy services! We provide Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language services to over 15,000 students with special needs.
Since 1984, Austill’s Rehabilitation Services, Inc. has specialized in providing preschool and school-based therapy services to educational agencies including School Districts, Early Intervention Programs, Intermediate Units, Charter Schools, and regional special education providers. Our focus has been to provide cost-effective High Quality therapy services, customizing all our educational-based therapy services based on YOUR needs – all with a personal touch.
Austill’s management team consists of highly experienced Early Intervention and School-Based therapists with proven experience working as a partner with educational agencies in managing their special education programs. We LISTEN to you, striving to meet your needs with everything we do. We are proud of our excellent, longstanding and continuous agency and therapist partnerships.  Simply stated,
Longevity + Stability = Therapy Excellence with Austill’s!!

Austill’s is the highest quality and largest school-based therapy provider in the Southeastern PA region! Come join our Austill’s family!