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Austill’s High Quality therapists are carefully chosen.  Our goal is to match specific preschool and school-based program needs with experienced, well qualified pediatric therapists.
Austill’s Therapy Excellence is second to none! We offer:
  • Clear categorization of service frequency based on student’s needs with objective plans to reduce services as educational access improves
  • Experienced management review of all evaluations to ensure educational relevance, appropriate service frequency recommendations, measurable goals, appropriate specially designed instruction criteria, along with educationally friendly language
  • Specific educationally relevant sensory processing evaluations when needed
  • Austill’s Therapist Mentoring Program and Master Therapist Program
  • Unparalleled training program for therapists new to preschool and school-based services using Austill’s customized School-Based Learning Plan
  • Onsite management support for challenging situations including IEP meetings at no cost to you!
  • Enhanced progress monitoring system including graphs, charts and tracking sheets.