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Granny AnneAustill's Rehabilitation Services, Inc. was named in honor of the Founder of Austill’s Grandmother, Anne Austill.

Anne Austill was an amazingly talented pioneer woman. In the 1920’s, Anne Pifer Austill was one of a few women leading backpacking trips up Long’s Peak, Colorado, one of the highest mountains in the United States.

Granny Anne loved nature and her fellow man. Her woodland walks consistently included delightful facts about wildflowers, trees, streams and birds, the need for environmental preservation and a spiritual understanding of man’s unique place in the world.

Thanksgiving dinners with Granny and Gramps Austill always involved family and friends from around the world. Meals were often eaten with Japanese chopsticks and tea slurped from small wooden Chinese bowls. Classical music provided a relaxing backdrop to animated discussions as the Austill family watched ocean waves gently lap the backyard beach. This annual gathering continues each summer as 9-12 campsites are filled with Austill family and friends joining together for another unique outdoor community experience.

Both the President’s parents served as inspirational figures when designing Austill’s Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Dad left a full-time employment position at the age of 40 and started his own business. Even now at an older age, he constantly strives to improve his product. Dad has always stressed personal growth, responsibility and adjustment to the changing marketplace.

Mom worked as an Executive Assistant for years, then switched organizational lines to work in management. Her animated delight and successful mastery of a job traditionally held by men while maintaining an active family life served as a terrific stimulus for the development of Austill’s Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

May my family’s pioneering spirit, independence, love of education, and enthusiastic support of humanistic service, while encouraging personal growth and responsibility, always remain with this company.

Becky Anne Austill-Clausen, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
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